New Year New Lawn

With the Holidays now behind us, it is now time to look towards the spring and getting that landscaping into its summer shape.  Right planning and trimming can make the world of difference when it comes to your landscaping.

Trim back any ornamental grasses, cut back all the dead.  Don’t worry it will grow back just like your lawn.  Shape them into perfect balls using a trimmers.

Some, not all roses can stand to be cut back at this time. Verify that the type you have is the type that can be cut back.  Some varieties only bloom on old stems.  Knockouts are very popular and can take a good trimming.  Never remove more then 2 thirds of the plant at a time.

Aerations I would recommend using a company to do this.  When done properly and a perfectly timed application of fertilizer will give your lawn a much needed boost.  The machines punches holes into the lawn, allowing air to reach the root structure. we perform aerations yearly in the spring.

Scalping is done in the early spring as well.  It removes the winter wear. The thatch build up is removed allowing the grass to grow thicker.

Leaf cleanup is always a hassle.  Let our team take care of that.  We can schedule regular schedule visits to clean up and remove the leaves.

We can perform all the services listed above.  Give us a call today!