Permalites 365


Permalites is permanent lighting solution that is for any season for any reason.  They are RGB and can be controlled right from your phone.

They can be used as an alternative to the standard Christmas lights,

Can be changed for the different holidays. Pink for valentines day, Green for St. Patrick's day, Red, White, and Blue for the flag holidays, and of course the can be set to any color you want for Christmas. 

The systems has a 50,000 hour life span to reduce carbon footprint.

The system can pay for it self in just 2 years, and with the warranty lasting up to 10 years, there is additional benefits to installing Permalites 

It is a 24 volt system, giving you an 87% savings over the standard 120 volt led system. 

Scheduling is kept on the device and will turn and off as you like with the different effects you choose. 

All is controlled form your phone via Bluetooth.

The track the lights are installed in, disappears into the facial, and comes in 4 different colors, tan, white, brown, and gray. 

We offer maintenance plans that are designed for the individual customers needs.

Great for residential, small and large commercial buildings., as well as municipalities.

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